Labour Relations Law in Ethiopia

The present volume of Civil and Commercial Law Series is devoted to labour issues in Ethiopia. In...

Revisiting the Ethio-Eritrean Relations

From Separation to Conflict and Beyond The nascent, albeit sluggish, peace rapprochement between...

Leveraging Electoral Governance in Africa

A Normative Discourse Elections have become a democratic norm in many African countries since the...

Reflections on Expanding Ethiopia’s Democratic Space

Aspirations, Opportunities, Choices Ethiopia’s political and economic reforms have brought about...

The Road to Election 2020

Election and Political Parties Proclamation of Ethiopia To discuss the recent developments of...


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Political Transformation and Dialogue

Political transformation, political transition and democratization have been at the core of Ethiopia’s political agenda since the 1960s. Beginning in 1991, Ethiopia has been undergoing a political transition towards democracy.

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Economic Transformation

Economic transformation has been part of Ethiopia’s political agenda since the beginning of the 20th century. All governments sought to realize economic transformation with different approaches.

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Labour Relations and Trade Unions

Promoting decent work and labor relations based on social partnership are key values for our work around the globe. This has been at the center of our activities in since our establishment in Ethiopia in 1992.

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Youth Leadership and Training Programme

In a fast changing world and in a dynamically developing Ethiopia, preparation of the next generation is imperative to the achievement of long-term development goals.

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