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A ticking time bomb?

Annual African Youth Conference in Johannesburg – Insights

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Vision: Zero!

Occupational Safety and Health Initiative discussed by Stakeholders

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Focus: Transformational Leadership

Young Leaders in Discussion with Stalwart Politicians

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Workers’ Rights in Industrial Parks

Pathways to improving working conditions

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Inclusive without being Assimilative

Challenges and Opportunities for Multiculturalism in Ethiopia

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  Kebele 13, House No. 579
  P.O. Box 8786
  Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

  +251 11 123 3245


Policy dialogues

A sustainable political, economic and social order needs space in which decision makers, academia and other interest groups can come together. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung seeks to provide and facilitate a platform for dialogues on important issues for Ethiopia’s present and future.

Capacity building

“The best decision, based on the information available”. Good governance and strategic decision-making need well-informed citizens and political class at the same time. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung provides trainings and capacity buildings for important actors of Ethiopian society.

Leadership development

Ethiopia seeks to assure long-term national development goals. In a faster changing world, the preparation of the next generation then becomes imperative. The FES offers its services to young Ethiopians who aspire to develop their leadership skills for the benefit of the public.