Scholars discussed political challenges for Ethiopia

Around 100 distinguished scholars, academicians and students discussed on October 25th in Bahir Dar feasible solutions for some of the problems that are currently hindering the political developments in the country. Amongst others, Dr. John Ishiyama from the University of North Texas, Dr. Bekele Melese, Assistant Professor of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Center in Gondar University as well as Dr. Sonja John, assistant professor of Political Science and International Studies at Bahir Dar University, presented papers on different topics related to Democracy, Peace and Federalism in Ethiopia.

The conference thoroughly discussed minority rights, ethnic conflicts and experiences with federalism, the role of civil society organizations as well as the nexus between social media and politics in Ethiopia. Obviously, those topics raised intensive dialogues between the participants and the contributors.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is grateful for a day of discovery and exchange and is looking forward to the future cooperation with Bahir Dar University.