New research on marriage-led migration and girls trafficking


The Bahir Dar Public Lecture Series, organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Bahir Dar University, was an occasion during which recent research on marriage-led migration from north-western Ethiopia was presented.A case study on girls trafficking in Metema at the Ethio-Sudanese border was also presented during the event.

While presenting about marriage migration, Dr. Aschalew Abeje emphasized that the town of Gondar seems to be a center for a successful marriage migration of young women from north-western Ethiopia to fellow countrymen abroad in the United States and Europe. He stated that the reasons are mostly linked to economic situations or gender-based abuse (push factors), whereas counterparts in the diaspora in Europe and the United States need a traditionally educated wife to maintain their social status within the community (pull factors).

In Ethiopia, human trafficking is a widely common phenomenon, but its magnitude has been increasing alarmingly during the last five years. One of the hotspot of human trafficking areas is the Ethio-Sudanese border town of Metema.Dr. Yohannes Mersha presented his research on girls’ trafficking in Metema; a passage city for women before they begin a longer journey cross-country towards Europe. Preliminary findings indicate that physical, sexual, psychological and economic abuse are the major hardships that girls encounter before and during crossing the border.