Young Leaders in Discussion with Stalwart Politicians

After an intense selection process during the last months, the day had finally arrived: the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) launched the next Youth Leadership Training Program Cycle. During the opening, which took place at the CCRDA training center in Addis Ababa at the end of June 2017,17 promising Ethiopians were welcomed to their first training session.

 Apart from the in-depth assessments on transformational leadership and communication skills over the course of the three days, an opportunity was given to learn from two prominent and extraordinary personalities. These individuals had both made strong contributions to the history of the country, namely Dr. Fasil Nahom and Ambassador Dr. Gennet Zewdie.

Dr. Fasil Nahom, one of the fathers of the Ethiopian constitution, inspired the youth with his depiction of Ethiopian history and its connection to transformational and transactional leadership – starting from ancient times to the modern Ethiopia. This he did in such a way as to effectively heighten the understanding of different leadership concepts and characters; by linking them to various chapters of the national history.

Ambassador Dr. Gennet Zewde, the former Minister of Education, brought immense changes to the Ethiopian educational sector during her time at the helm. She shared experiences from her personal professional experiences. She focused on the lobbying that she had carried out advocating for gender equality from high school onwards. She was recently appointed as Ambassador of Ethiopia to India where she manages the biggest Ethiopian cultural center outside the country.

 The presence of these high-ranking officials set the tone of the ambitious standards required of the incoming youths, Democracy and human rights, economic development, gender equality and international relations are some of the topics that will be covered throughout the training program which will last until Christmas 2017 (GC).

 The Youth Leadership Training Program is commissioned and organized by FES Ethiopia to support young Ethiopians who aspire to develop their leadership skills for the benefit of the greater public.