YLTP Alumni discussed internal Migration

One of the core spirits of FES’ Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) is the contribution of the upcoming generation of Ethiopian Leaders to public policy issues. The very first edition took place on March 2nd, Adwa day, in Addis Abeba and targeted current challenges of internal migration in Ethiopia.

The event was entirely organized by the YLTP Alumni. It brought together alumni members from the eight batches, other stakeholders on the issue also took part on the conference. It was the first edition of a planned series of activities related to migration.

After introductory presentations by Getahun Fenta (Development studies professional), Fitsum Mulugeta (African Early Years Fellow at the World Bank), Tesaye Tafesse (Senior researcher and professor at the Centre for African and Oriental Studies of Addis Ababa University) the discussion focused on the most urgent topics like consequences of the rural-urban migration flow, the relevance of access to information via modern communication tools and the special case of predicaments of Amhara migrant-settlers in East Wollega/Oromia.

The outcomes of the panel discussions will be introduced to a policy brief that is currently in preparation. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is proud that the YLTP took this initiative and is looking forward to the next edition.