• December 4, 2018
    8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Political Parties and Democracy in Ethiopia

Shockwaves of positive energy continue to characterize the current political reforms in today’s Ethiopia: The space for dialogue between former enemies begins to open, and opposition groups return home with a clear commitment to contribute to the new chapter of Ethiopian history, replying to the aspirations and hopes of the Ethiopian people for an even brighter future.

However, stakeholders begin to focus on the next elections in 2020 (GC), and the road to a free, fair, professional and inclusive electoral process still seems to be long. With a new administration and various new actors involved, a new deal between the political forces will have to be established in order to ensure a smooth process in the next 24 months.

Therefore, some questions necessarily need be addressed: What are the challenges for Ethiopia in developing a sustainable multi-party democracy? What are the most urgent actions needed for political parties and public institutions to allow a successful transition into a multi-party system?

Given ongoing dynamics, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) cordially invites you to this Policy Dialogue on “The New Deal. Political Parties and Democracy in Ethiopia”, that takes place on December 4th 2018 (GC). The event will bring together distinguished opinion makers, politicians with diverse backgrounds, researchers, advocates as well as the young and the experienced to shed light on these important issues for Ethiopia. The program reads as follows:


08h30 Inscriptions
09h00 Opening Remarks by Mr. Constantin Grund (Resident Representative, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung)
09h15 Keynote speech on “Challenges and Prospects for the Development of a Multi-Party-System in Ethiopia” by Mr. Fekadu Tessema (EPRDF Secretariat)
10h00 Panel discussion with Mr. Lencho Lata (President of the Oromo Democratic Front ODF), Mr. Mushe Semu (former President of the Ethiopian Democratic Party EDP), Mr. Getachew Assefa (Coordinator of the Working Group for the Legal Reform on Democratic Institutions), Ms. Soleyana Shimeles (Founder of the Zone9 Bloggers Group) and Ms. Woinishet Molla (All Ethiopian National Movement AENM).
11h00 Coffee Break
11h20 Discussion, moderated by Mr. Solomon Goshu (Policy Advisor, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung)
13h00 Joint Lunch


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