Promoting decent work and labor relations based on social partnership are key values for our work around the globe and at the center of our activities in Ethiopia. The relationship between employers and employees and the political decisions and laws that affect it has been part of FES’s office pursuit in Ethiopia since its establishment in 1992. Based on the values of solidarity, our work focuses on the promotion of social justice and in empowering trade unions to contribute their part and share to this challenge in line with their mandate.

The advancement of decent work and socio-economic transformation goes hand in hand for Ethiopia to achieve and sustain its national development strategy that it has undertaken. Besides working with responsible government bodies, FES works closely with the Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions (CETU), which coordinates and leads the trade union movement in Ethiopia. In its partnership, FES provides support to Trade Unions in their efforts to cope and actively respond to the challenges posed by the current global economic order and to contribute to the discussion on economic reforms at home.

FES also provides support to our different partners in analyzing social, labour and economic policy and improving the tripartite dialogue between employers, employees, and the state. It also works together with regional and international organizations that aspire to cooperate on these issues and brings its international networks and expertise to the table in deepening the agenda for social justice and global solidarity.