In a fast changing world and in a dynamically developing Ethiopia, the preparation of the next generation becomes imperative to the achievement of long-term development goals set out by the political reforms.

Through its Youth Leadership and Training Program FES extends its services to young Ethiopians who aspire to develop their leadership skills for the benefit of the public. Young Leaders can be found in positions with decision-making responsibility, in governmental or non-governmental, formal or informal institutions. During the program a limited number of young people from different walks of life comes together to build capacities to tackle major political, societal and socio-economic challenges Ethiopia is facing.

The Youth Leadership and Training Program is commissioned and actively organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Ethiopia. It aims at contributing to the empowerment of inspired and inspiring young leaders who promote good governance and sustainable development. It is designed to enhance leadership capacities of its participants by equipping them with a unique set of skills required to better achieve their aspirations and fulfil a responsible role in society. It also wishes to engage them in discussions about most relevant social, economic and political issues in the country and, in doing so, links them up with the great network of FES partners in Ethiopia, the region and worldwide and also brings them together with the pool of YLTP alumni in the country. The program is deliberately designed as a non-partisan project, reflecting political pluralism and pluralistic societies through promoting the core ideas and values of social democracy – freedom, justice and solidarity.